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Avast, ye hound dogs! Ye’ve come to plunder me pictures, have ye? Well feast yer eyes, land lubbers! Production stills abound here by the treasure trove. I’d even warrant ye’ve hit tha mother-lode!

Oh yes, we boldly challenged other teams with genres no one has dared use before!

com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/DSC05474-1024x685.jpg" alt="" width="550" height="368" />Arrrg!

Sounds like an Alberta clipper with all this wind!

Why did we decide to do this again?

“I’m on a buffalo!”


The set. Why are half the people on the ground?

“And I was like, take that, and I chopped off his robot arm!”

DP is down in the dirt with the thespians.

Eye patch.

Directing in below-below temperatures.

Is that PD, or is it the director with some washable paint?

Director, Producer, and DP consult the shot list.

Blizzard Productions Official Invention.

Can you spot my cameo?

The Loot!


Lock it up!

Who’s bad?

Photos courtesy Joe Armstrong.

Logo designed by Joe Armstrong.

Poster designed by Joe Armstrong. Sketches by Suzy Johnson.