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Edgar, Time Machine Extraordinaire

For those of you who didn’t know, I love time travel. It’s so much fun! Getting to watch the world pass by or rewind never gets old…pun not intended. However, time machines and the trans-dimensional wayfaring that accompanies it is usually not for sport. Sigh…

Most people who use time machine, such as the U.S.

government (CIA, MIB, etc.) and Cpt. Kirk, use time travel for their on grand purposes. Also known as “wormhole wiggling,” “time-space shuffle,” and “the Tardis two-step,” time travel is used for industrious affairs such as preventing alien invasions and continuing lives and plotlines. I, however, use time travel for a much more expedient and efficient reason: research. While I’m bound by law (entangled, more like) to never record any of my trips on film, I frequently use my skills to acquire knowledge, wisdom, and strategic thought weapons for my pet projects (and even fudge a bit with the no-filming rule).

To do this, I use Edgar, my illustrious time machine.

This time machine is unique because it is not the conventional temporal device. It can traverse time, space, flavors, dimensions, and on occasion, universes.  It is not a Tardis, or a Stargate, or even exactly a ship. It is a Qwarkwood 2000 Messerjargon, to be exact. Plus, I’ve made my own modifications to its propulsion system and biodrive. Oh, yes, it is a luxury of a device, and is fully quantum in nature.

It is not for sale or rent. Or sale.