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Silent Transitions

Today’s video comes to you from another continent. Amazing as that is, this video is even better. Everything that this artist makes is quite stylized, and it genuinely works. The cinematography is excellent, and the voice acting really helps to heighten the mood of the overall film The Biblical allusions written into the piece make it gripping, emotionally charged, and electrifying. It will make your head swim in the clouds and even think…in slow motion!

Videos that make you think are valued differently by each individual, some beyond words.

Back to the…Sculpture?

Recently, I saw a funny meme on the infamous Facebook concerning the wonderful and yet nostalgic sci-fi film series Back to the Future (1985), directed by Robert Zemeckis. Growing up, I loved these movies, and I still do today. Not only are they a time capsule for the 1980s, but also for the 1950s and…the FUTURE! The way that 2015 (Yikes!) is depicted is was fascinating then and now, especially seeing the tech that was foretold to come. That and getting to see Frodo play video games.

Anyway, I always longed for a real, live hover board and even believed my relatives who heard Michael J. Fox say on the radio that the hover boards used in the film were genuine (it was really a joke). Looking forward to the future of 2015 as a kid was interesting, but also made me doubtful that things would turn out that way at all. This meme sums it up perfectly in a tongue and cheek sort of way:

But then, I heard* about this…

Applause, applause, applause.

*Special thanks to Eric Kays for the article and info.