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How to Make 3D Work for You

After seeing The Hobbit for the third viewing, I believe it is finally time for me to talk a bit about 3D films. I have always been one to doubt the importance and extravagance of 3D. However, it’s not just the extra price on the ticket that bothers me. For some reason, the majority of times I go to the theater to view a 3D film, the extraspatial element seems to wear off in a matter of minutes.

I remember that happening after the opening moon sequence of Transformers 3, the 3D had no effect on me. I took my glasses on and off repeatedly, trying to see any difference. With the glasses off, everything just looked slightly blurry! What a hoax, I thought. It reminded me of when I saw Spy Kids 3D back in the day with the old blue-and-red anaglyph glasses. That one was so bad that I just took the glasses off and watched the movie in awful psychedelic purple. So, 3D and I go way back.

Anywho, back to The Hobbit. Here’s how they did it:

So far, I’ve seen The Hobbit three times. The first time in 2D, and the second and third times in 3D. Well, I must say, my second time around was so bad that I was very glad that I’d seen it the first time in regular ol’ 2D. The Hobbit is a fantastic movie, 2D or 3D, but an unexciting or painful 3D experience is no fun at all. My third time around, however, I put all of the experiments I’d been doing with 3D film viewing into full effect, and I had the most enriching 3D experience I’ve ever had. Here are some tricks that I’ve learned to take with me into the 3D theater to make sure [...]

The Bourne Legacy

At last, another film review! Well, seeing how much I love the Bourne Trilogy, I feel compelled to write a movie review about The Bourne Legacy (2012).

Let me start by saying it was a fun film with some great acting and action. However, the new Legacy is just not up to scratch when compared to the originals: The Bourne Identity (2002), The Bourne Supremacy (2004), and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007). Everything about these films (not just the first, but all of them) is that they say something about people, about our basest emotions and drives as human beings in danger and peril of morality. All of this is fueled by the superb acting (and action) of each film. The fight scenes are ultra-realistic and down to earth; rarely are there any flashy moves or brawling. Just like everything that the character of Bourne does has a point, so does everything in the films, which are woven together to create continuous (though not streamlined) story which is always adding layers and characters. Finally, I just really like how Bourne was shot and edited, which is a personal preference.

While the new film captures some of this, it is lacking in several areas. Now, I understand that neither of the directors from the original trilogy is a part of the Legacy, although the screenwriter from the first three films is the writer for this film as well as the director. In addition, although a different director of photography was hired than for the first three films, The Bourne Legacy was shot very well. I noticed a few cool shots; one was a continuous 360˚ shot around two people while they had a conversation. I was impressed. Also, the acting was very gripping. Jeremy Renner and co-star Rachel Weisz craft quite likeable [...]


Hey. You there.

Wake up!

Our newest antics and shenanigans for your enjoyment.

48 hours of creative madness has arrived!

It is here! The much-anticipated 48 hour film competition has arrived. We must write, shoot, and edit a short film in less than two days. Crazy, right?

Doorway Films and our team members have dubbed ourselves Team Fizbin, after the eloquent and dizzying game played by Capt. Kirk on Sigma Iotia II. Keep tabs of our Twitter, as we will be posting real-time updates as to our progress, as time allows, throughout the competition. At about 6 PM tonight, we will receive our assigned genre, line of dialogue, prop, character, and fortune cookie.

Fortune cookie, you ask? Well, this competition is called the Fortune Cookie 48, due to the fact that the last element of each film is based on the fortune from a real fortune cookie, and teams will be graded on how well they creatively interpret and incoprorate their respective “fortunes” into their films. Each film must be 5-7 minutes in length, as filled with shimmering awesomeness throughout. Wish us luck–we will need it!

Back to the…Sculpture?

Recently, I saw a funny meme on the infamous Facebook concerning the wonderful and yet nostalgic sci-fi film series Back to the Future (1985), directed by Robert Zemeckis. Growing up, I loved these movies, and I still do today. Not only are they a time capsule for the 1980s, but also for the 1950s and…the FUTURE! The way that 2015 (Yikes!) is depicted is was fascinating then and now, especially seeing the tech that was foretold to come. That and getting to see Frodo play video games.

Anyway, I always longed for a real, live hover board and even believed my relatives who heard Michael J. Fox say on the radio that the hover boards used in the film were genuine (it was really a joke). Looking forward to the future of 2015 as a kid was interesting, but also made me doubtful that things would turn out that way at all. This meme sums it up perfectly in a tongue and cheek sort of way:

But then, I heard* about this…

Applause, applause, applause.

*Special thanks to Eric Kays for the article and info.

We ate the Nebula!

Just wanted to let you all know that we did eat the Nebula. Because of this, we will now being exploding with galactic content of epic proportions. And plasma. Lots of glowing hot molten energy.

It’s gonna be great. You wanna bite out of the Nebula? We got you covered.

Next Short Film? Cast your vote!

So, after we finish our current project this month of July for the Action Film Challenge, what will we do next? You have the chance to let us know what you think! To cast your vote, either post a comment or answer this poll specifically on our Facebook page. We want to know your ideas, opinions, and theories about life in general.

Just a Thought

Hello Everybody !

I just wanted to post a quick comment about what we are all about. We really like to create funny, cool videos, that are “Clean”, or more “Family Focused” than most of the videos you see all over the internet lately.

We don’t have a set or given video release schedule for our productions. We will upload all of our new videos to YouTube, and we will announce the new releases on Facebook, and here on our website.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon !!!

Doorway Films Staff