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Hey. You there.

Wake up!

Our newest antics and shenanigans for your enjoyment.

Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Nilla Coke

How far would you go to reward your curiosity?

We went so far as to make a commercial about one of our favorite brand and franchise smooshed together in a world of intrigue and suspense for your multi-flavored enjoyment.

This has been done before, too!

Avast, it’s here!

Our film is done. Now what?

Our film is done.

The DVD is spun.

We turned it in, and had fun.

Now we sleep, for we have had nearly none.

48 hour is over, and we’re now bums.

Hope we won!


Inception incepted

So, it looks like some dudes broke into the mind vault of Warner Bros., stole the film Inception, went back in time, gave it to Chris Nolan, and asked him to direct it. Then, after the film was released, they took it again and voiced over the trailer a Capella style. Ingenious, no?

Southwest Airlines Rap

When was the last time you heard a song or standup comedy while on a flight? If you travel with Southwest airlines, you might get just that. This viral video showcases the abilities of a flight attendant who livens up the beginning of what could be a boring ride to a thrill high in the sky.

Now, why is he so peppy? Maybe because he’s a happy employee. Southwest Airlines has a reputation for putting their employees first, their passengers second, and their shareholders third. Sound out of order? Not so. Fulfilled employees will work willingly and with joy, causing them in turn to please customers. The more happy customers there are, especially repeat customers, the more money SWA makes, and the happier the shareholders are. Trickle-down effect for customer service. “Fascinating!”

Get it? Got it? Good.

The Great Day of Mirth

It is finally here.

You know what I’m talkin’ about.

THE GREAT DAY OF MIRTH. I.e., the Super Bowl.

Let funny commercials reign.

Like this one made by a Regent University professor.

I’m hungry now.

Super Bowl Commercial Countdown

Yes. It is coming! Here is my absolute all-time favorite Super Bowl commercial for your enjoyment. Are ready for this year’s?


For special consideration today is a commercial. Tired of commercials, you say? Well, not quite. Rarely, something exceptional stands out and shines above the rest of the mired marketing kitsch. Those few, special ads that are amusing or interesting catch our attention, make us laugh, and more importantly, are memorable. In my opinion, this is one of those innovative ads. Enjoy. Double points if you watch this on your smartphone. Remember, the Great Day of Mirth approaches: The Super Bowl, when the whole world witnesses the best and funniest that American advertising entertainment has to offer!