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Here are the honorary honors I’ve been honored with, honorarily. I would be honored if you would honor me with another honorable honor such as these honors. I will accept them honorably.

2013 – Annabel Lee : Otis Film Festival – Best Director

Held every fall in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Otis Film Festival is the premier competition for the undergraduate and graduate students of Regent University in the School of Communication and Arts. I wasn’t able to be there in person, but I’m told Annabel Lee was very well received and was also Nominated for Best Actor (Austin Fitzhugh) and Best Actress (Natalie Roy).

So, Annabel Lee was Nominated for three Awards and won one! Whoo-hoo!

2013Annabel Lee : Orlando Film FestivalOfficial Selection

Held every October in sunny Orlando, Florida, the OFF was the first fest to give a nod to Annabel Lee, which screened twice along with similar films in a shorts section called “The Power of Love.” I was honored to see my film up on a relatively more prestigious screen than my laptop, and got to meet a lot of nice folks. In addition, as a selected filmmaker, I got an exclusive “VIP Elite” Backlot Tour of Universal Studios and the DAVE School. Talk about the royal treatment! It was a blast.

2012 - Pirates of Canadia : Fortune Cookie 48 Hour Film Fest - Best Tweet Award

Well, this isn’t a very big deal, but it shows just how fun this 48 hour competition was! From the commencement of the contest, each team was encouraged to tweet throughout the rushed production process. Our group, Team Fizbin, tweeted nonstop! The zinger that won the prize was my tweeting of a Facebook post by our other writer, Michael Boling. We also filmed at his apartment, and he had some comments about it.  This prose shall be forever legendary!

To see the whole slew of tweets from the contest, visit our Twitter feed.

2011 - Still Kickin’ -:  Modern Film Fest - Best Short Film

Still Kickin’ was selected among numerous short films to be shown at the 2011 Modern Film Fest in Kannapolis, NC, in October 2011. Ballots were used by audience members to vote for the best short film. Still Kickin’ won the audience vote, and it is the winner of “Best Short Film” in the Short Film Competition put on by Modern Film Fest! Thanks to everyone who helped on the film and to Modern Film Fest for putting this on. Read the full write-up HERE.

2011 - Still Kickin’_ReelDreams Film Fest Competition - Top 7 Finalist

We were a part of the three-way tie for fourth place in this competition held at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA in April 2011. We competed head to head with graduate and undergraduate level film students and held our own. Initially, nearly fifty short films were submitted, and were whittled down to Top 25 and then Top 7 by Regent’s film faculty.

During the Finale, we were also honored to have our short film judged by some very famous people. One guest judge was Brian Davidson, a professional television writer and producer. He is currently a Supervising Producer for the show CSI: Miami and has worked on countless other television productions. Another honored judge was Booker T. Mattison, who has written and directed many short films and music videos which air regularly on national television. He is also a successful author and film maker who earned his MFA from New York University and is a professor at Regent University. The final guest judge was John Sullivan, the producer for the (in)famous documentary featuring Ben Stein called Expelled. He is currently producing a feature film about Ronald Reagan and has a lifetime of experience in the entertainment industry.

We were truly honored to have our film judged along with the other shorts by such experienced and well known professionals! Thanks a million, Regent University.