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The Dark Knight Rises & Chrysler

Getting amped about the new Batman movie coming out July 20th?

So am I! Got together with colleague Nick Albertson and entered the “Imported from Gotham City” contest. Basically, entrants used footage from “The Dark Knight Rises” and footage of the new Chrysler 300 to cut together a 25 second television spot. We had a blast doing it, too! The winning entry will be chosen by Christopher Nolan and will get to go to New York City for the premier of TDKR!

To help us win, go to Imported From Gotham City website and vote for our entry. Five stars! Or…that is, five bats. To find it, search “Rogers” in the search box in the right hand corner by clicking on the magnifying glass.

For your enjoyment, the video is here as well. However, you can only vote on the official website, not on YouTube.

Cheers! And see you at the premier.