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Our film is done. Now what?

Our film is done.

The DVD is spun.

We turned it in, and had fun.

Now we sleep, for we have had nearly none.

48 hour is over, and we’re now bums.

Hope we won!


Editing is is progress

48 hours later…wait, it still hasn’t been 48 hours yet! Over the past two days, Team Fizbin has been scrambling to write, shoot, and edit our film. During the launch, we drew the genre of “Pirate” and the fortune “There is no mistake so great as always being right.” In addition, each team was required to include the following elements:

So, with that in mind, our team got underway.

Here is some of what we came up with:

Also, coming soon: Pictures from on set. Back to editing!

48 hours of creative madness has arrived!

It is here! The much-anticipated 48 hour film competition has arrived. We must write, shoot, and edit a short film in less than two days. Crazy, right?

Doorway Films and our team members have dubbed ourselves Team Fizbin, after the eloquent and dizzying game played by Capt. Kirk on Sigma Iotia II. Keep tabs of our Twitter, as we will be posting real-time updates as to our progress, as time allows, throughout the competition. At about 6 PM tonight, we will receive our assigned genre, line of dialogue, prop, character, and fortune cookie.

Fortune cookie, you ask? Well, this competition is called the Fortune Cookie 48, due to the fact that the last element of each film is based on the fortune from a real fortune cookie, and teams will be graded on how well they creatively interpret and incoprorate their respective “fortunes” into their films. Each film must be 5-7 minutes in length, as filled with shimmering awesomeness throughout. Wish us luck–we will need it!

Inception incepted

So, it looks like some dudes broke into the mind vault of Warner Bros., stole the film Inception, went back in time, gave it to Chris Nolan, and asked him to direct it. Then, after the film was released, they took it again and voiced over the trailer a Capella style. Ingenious, no?

48 hours of…

Doorway Films is about to embark on an exciting adventure within the world of film: we are gonna do a 48 hour film festival! Starting this Friday, February 10th, yours truly along with a team of high skilled–well, maybe highly motivated individuals will pour our brains, sweat, blood, and hopefully no real tears, into a short film to be proud of.

Want more info?

Your just gonna hafta wait.

But not too long.

Southwest Airlines Rap

When was the last time you heard a song or standup comedy while on a flight? If you travel with Southwest airlines, you might get just that. This viral video showcases the abilities of a flight attendant who livens up the beginning of what could be a boring ride to a thrill high in the sky.

Now, why is he so peppy? Maybe because he’s a happy employee. Southwest Airlines has a reputation for putting their employees first, their passengers second, and their shareholders third. Sound out of order? Not so. Fulfilled employees will work willingly and with joy, causing them in turn to please customers. The more happy customers there are, especially repeat customers, the more money SWA makes, and the happier the shareholders are. Trickle-down effect for customer service. “Fascinating!”

Get it? Got it? Good.

Silent Transitions

Today’s video comes to you from another continent. Amazing as that is, this video is even better. Everything that this artist makes is quite stylized, and it genuinely works. The cinematography is excellent, and the voice acting really helps to heighten the mood of the overall film The Biblical allusions written into the piece make it gripping, emotionally charged, and electrifying. It will make your head swim in the clouds and even think…in slow motion!

Videos that make you think are valued differently by each individual, some beyond words.

The Great Day of Mirth

It is finally here.

You know what I’m talkin’ about.

THE GREAT DAY OF MIRTH. I.e., the Super Bowl.

Let funny commercials reign.

Like this one made by a Regent University professor.

I’m hungry now.

Super Bowl Commercial Countdown

Yes. It is coming! Here is my absolute all-time favorite Super Bowl commercial for your enjoyment. Are ready for this year’s?

Back to the…Sculpture?

Recently, I saw a funny meme on the infamous Facebook concerning the wonderful and yet nostalgic sci-fi film series Back to the Future (1985), directed by Robert Zemeckis. Growing up, I loved these movies, and I still do today. Not only are they a time capsule for the 1980s, but also for the 1950s and…the FUTURE! The way that 2015 (Yikes!) is depicted is was fascinating then and now, especially seeing the tech that was foretold to come. That and getting to see Frodo play video games.

Anyway, I always longed for a real, live hover board and even believed my relatives who heard Michael J. Fox say on the radio that the hover boards used in the film were genuine (it was really a joke). Looking forward to the future of 2015 as a kid was interesting, but also made me doubtful that things would turn out that way at all. This meme sums it up perfectly in a tongue and cheek sort of way:

But then, I heard* about this…

Applause, applause, applause.

*Special thanks to Eric Kays for the article and info.