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Voting open!

Viewing and voting is now open on the Action Film Challenge website! Premier of all of the completed films, as well as judging, occurred on August 14th, 2011. Although DF did not take home any honors, you still have to power to rocket s to the top by voting our video 10 out of 10 for the Internet Audience Favorite! Regardless, we sincerely enjoyed the experience of participating in this wonderful event that truly challenged our wit, tenacity, and skills. Excelsior!


Still Kickin’ from DOORWAY FILMS on Vimeo.

Modern Film Fest

Doorway Films is pleased to announce that its premier short film is now a Finalist in the inaugural 2011 Modern Film Fest Short Film Competition! The actual screening will be in October 2011 in Kannapolis, NC, but for now you can watch other finalist videos on the Vimeo group dedicated to that sole purpose.

So go over yonder and check it out!


Since the the martial arts action film, A Man of Few Words, won’t be released by the 2011 Action Film Challenge for viewing and voting until after their awards ceremony, we decided to make y’all a little trailer to slake your thirst for adventure. It won’t cure it, but we hope it’ll make you THIRSTIER. To drink– I mean, watch the trailer, click here.

Also, we made another short ditty and submitted it to the 2011 Arby’s Casting Call competition. Yes, Arby’s as in the restaurant chain. We had a lot of competition, too! Many, many people attempted the quest, and 809 entries were accepted. We’ll know more by August 10th. You can watch our video and subsequently buy an Angus Cool Deli sandwich here.